The AHV has ever larger holes and the pension funds pay out ever lower pensions. There's only one person who can improve your pension provision: yourself. With regular payments into your Pillar 3a, you take care of your own future and also save taxes.

Invest instead of save: in our app.

Y3A allows you to open your pillar 3a directly in YAPEAL in just a few steps. You have the choice between two investment solutions and can deposit money immediately or set up a standing order.

By the way, in the long run, investing offers you higher return opportunities than a savings account - especially with the low interest rates at the moment. That's why we offer you the choice between two models:

By the way, the fees are extremely moderate and amount to a maximum of 0.47% (all inclusive).

It's that simple

In the YAPEAL app, open the menu in the top left-hand corner

  • You will find the item 3a Pension

  • Answer a few questions and choose your investment solution.

We're betting on Vontobel. Do you?

Investing is demanding. That's why we only work with proven professionals. Vontobel is a Swiss private bank with almost 100 years of tradition. It manages client assets of over 270 billion Swiss francs. Your pension assets are therefore not in the hands of some hobby brokers who have never survived a stock market crash.

We like to be transparent, so we would like to mention here that Vontobel also thinks highly of us and is an investor in YAPEAL.