You can find out how to open a YAPEAL account here.

Your personal account number

With us you are not just a number, you can give your account any name you want. Give your account that personal touch.

Pending payments All payments at a glance

If a payment has not been made yet and you want to adjust it, or you want to see which payments are pending in the next 30 days. To do this, go to the overview of pending payments.

Payee address book Find the right recipient, don't search

In the YAPEAL app or in the YAPEAL web app, your payees are clearly displayed. If you make another payment to an existing payee, many details are already filled in. This saves you a lot of time when entering the data and makes the processing of your recurring invoices a breeze.

Push messages Informed about every transaction in seconds

For each transaction, you will receive a notification that it has been successfully completed and the payment is immediately visible in the YAPEAL app or in the YAPEAL web app.

You can find all information about the app here and about YAPEAL Web here.

Statistics Your expenses clearly displayed

Every transaction is automatically assigned to a category by YAPEAL. These spending categories help you to transparently show how much money you have spent on which categories in the past month / year.

Of course, you can change the category of each transaction, if we have not got the right one from your point of view.

Transaction details Es kommt auf die Details an

YAPEAL makes more out of your transactions. Each of your transactions is automatically assigned to an appropriate category, as well as you have a lot more information that you can find in the details depending on the transaction type.

Most transactions have a logo and banner of the merchant, as well as location details of your purchase.

Account statements For one transaction or a whole period of time

Do you need a receipt of a transaction, a nicely prepared list of your transactions from a certain period or a data export, you can request and download all this directly in the YAPEAL App or in the YAPEAL Web App. 

Transactions Search and filter, fully easy

Looking for a transaction or want to filter your list of transactions by specific criteria? Yapeal helps you find your transaction, whether on the web or in the app.

Reporting fraud? Create Penalty Announcements with Cybera

To get help quickly in case of fraud, we recommend using cybera's online service. This service offers comprehensive support and advice in case of fraud and can help you get your money back and take further steps.

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