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Swiss account

Your account for your daily finances. Whether it's shopping with your YAPEAL card or paying your household bills, it's never been easier, more convenient, and faster than with your YAPEAL account.

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Debit Card

Your YAPEAL Debit Card with full cost control

Instant - The debit card you can virtually use immediately after opening an account.

Transparent - Keep track of your spending with the push notifications you get every time you make a purchase.

Best exchange rates - Pay abroad and online with the best exchange rates and save on every purchase.

Full control - Configure your YAPEAL Debit Card according to your lifestyle.

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With the YAPEAL apps, you have your finances under control at all times, no matter where you are. Thanks to intuitive user guidance, you can enter payments or change settings in your app in no time at all.

Find out what the YAPEAL app has to offer and why it takes two apps for full security by following the link below.

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With the YAPEAL Web App you can access your account at home on your desktop, laptop or comfortably on the sofa. On the large screen, all functions can be used just as intuitively as with the mobile app.

Log in to your YAPEAL account securely and conveniently.

What else is available, you can find out under the following link.

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Opened in 5 minutes

You can open your YAPEAL account within 5 minutes, no matter when and where you are. The account is available to you immediately after the complete opening.

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Our subscriptions

No surprises, just fair and honest pricing. Simply choose your plan with the features that are right for you.

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