Our offer: CHF 30 for both.

No matter if you like us so much that you recommend us to your whole circle of friends or if you just want to have a little more money in your account: Recommend YAPEAL to others.

You and all new YAPSTERs will get CHF 30 credited to your YAPEAL account. In addition, the new YAPSTER can use our private subscription for 3 months free of charge.

This is how you proceed to get both the credit:

  1. In the YAPEAL app, select "Invite Friends" under Recommendations.

  2. Share either your personal link as a message or via a QR code. Only if your friends open the Verify app via it, you will receive the credit.

  3. Your friend opens the account. As soon as it is activated, we will credit both of you with CHF 30.

A tip to make it go faster

Convince your friends,

to do the onboarding with the biometric passport (NFC).

Advantage 1: No bank transfer is needed.

Advantage 2: Your friend can get started right away.

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to help you in our forum. Our whole team reads and writes here. We communicate with the community the same way we talk to our neighbors, friends or family. We are honest and stand by it, if we have not yet solved something cleanly.