Several years of expertise

Since 2019, YAPEAL has been using the self-developed transaction refinement. During this time, we have gained extensive experience and continuously improved the systems.

  • Several million transactions successfully enriched.

  • >95% coverage in transaction enrichment.

  • 100% return rate. If no enrichment is available, you will get a general category icon.

  • Coverage of international transactions.

Transaction details that say something.

  1. 1. dealer banner

  2. 2. dealer logo

  3. 3. brand name

  4. 4. categories

  5. 5. website

  6. 6. phone number

  7. 7. geolocation
    (Coordinates & Address)

Advantages of transaction data enrichm

Our solution covers all payment methods, including card and transactions to other financial institutions, and consistently displays all payment information. Users can now view their transactions with clear names, logos, categories and more, giving them more insights and making it much easier to search for older transactions.

Improved user experience

According to McKinsey Financial Insights, UX (user experience) is a leading motivator for Gen X and Gen Z when it comes to choosing their financial institution and is heavily dependent on their active usage.

Massively fewer queries about transactions

According to the findings of financial institutions with transaction enrichment, transaction inquiries have decreased by more than 40%.

Network defaults

Mastercard issued mandate AN4569, which requires all card issuers to have an enrichment solution in place by September 2023. Visa is working on a similar measure for its issuers. Our solution meets all the requirements of the mandate.

Deeper understanding of customer spend

Access to relevant insights into how customers spend their money and where they spend it. In addition, important measures can be taken on the basis of this data.

Seamless API integration

Our API integration is straightforward and thanks to our single endpoint for all use cases, transactions can be enriched in real time.

  1. 1. Receive data from the network

  2. 2. Send data to YAPEAL via the API

  3. 3. Receive enriched data back

YAPEAL - Your solution for transaction enrichment

Our continuously optimized transaction enrichment service provides an outstanding customer experience. We are constantly expanding and improving our solution to meet the needs of our customers and partners.