Qualified Identity

Using Qualified Identity can help speed up the customer process and improve the user experience by reducing the need to manually collect and process information. It can also help minimize risks such as fraud and other illegal activities by ensuring that customer identity has been verified.

Company identification

  • Based on verified identities of natural persons

  • Verification of each company registered in Switzerland

  • Validated signatures of a company based on registered signatories

  • Documents signed by the company

Illustration einer Checkliste in Rot mit einem blauen Stift

Personal identification

  • Fast, convenient identity verification

  • Passport scanning with NFC data extraction and validation

  • Document authenticity evaluation

  • High-quality images

  • Activity detection with challenge-response video

  • Compliant with FINMA and ETSI standards

  • Fraud and duplicate detection

  • Supports all ICAO standard passports and national ID cards from many European countries

  • Easy integration via REST services

Schnelle, bequeme Identitätsüberprüfung mit einem smartphone


  • Identity federation from DeepID

  • Authorized by the customer with QES (24/7/365)

  • Fast, easy integration with no technology dependencies

  • Proof of customer identification is available as a PDF report and a data feed

  • Ancillary services available to accelerate customer screening and onboarding

Schnelle, einfache Integration ohne Technologieabhängigkeiten

Secure by design

  • All data is stored and processed in the secure Swiss cloud.

  • No personal data is stored on the device

  • Single app identification solution with FIDO-2 token.

  • Personal data is controlled by the customer, no unauthorized access or data sharing

  • Strong 2FA without username/password to avoid phishing

Illustration eines Mannes der einen Schlüssel in der Hand hält, als Symbol für Sicherheit