Uniform access

Access and manage your eBills without leaving your YAPEAL application. No more switching apps, just a unified experience tailored to your needs.

Effortless transactions

Navigate effortlessly between checking account balances and processing eBills. Our user-friendly design ensures a smooth transition and puts you in control.

Real-time control

Stay up to date with eBill updates in real time directly in the YAPEAL app. Make your decisions on the go, securely and conveniently.

Improved safety

Your security is our top priority. Thanks to the seamless integration of eBill into our app, your financial transactions are fully protected.

Simplified handling, improved experience

YAPEAL is more than a financial institution; it's a financial companion that seamlessly integrates all aspects. Add eBill to your payment experience with just one click.

Experience financial transactions like never before.

Enjoy simplicity, convenience and innovation, bundled in a single app or web application. Your entire financial world is united with YAPEAL.

eBill for Business

Welcome to the future of seamless business transactions with YAPEAL! Get to know eBill for Business, our solution that takes your invoice management to a new level.

Registration in no time at all

Your time is precious - we at YAPEAL know that. That's why we've designed eBill for Business to make registration for your company lightning fast and child's play. Forget paperwork and complicated registration processes!

Is your company already registered?

Automatic registration with UID
As a registered company with a UID, your journey begins effortlessly. YAPEAL takes care of the formalities and automatically registers your company for eBill. Sit back; we do the work for you.

Seamless setup via the YAPEAL app or web application
Choose between our convenient app and the versatile web application. With a few clicks or taps, your company is registered for eBill. Our user-friendly interface ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Immediate access to active invoice issuers
Are you already working with eBill invoice issuers? Thanks to the integration with YAPEAL, you are always one step ahead. Register and immediately receive all electronic invoices directly in your YAPEAL environment. No tedious imports or further steps are necessary.

Focus on the essentials
We believe that your business should focus its energy on growth and success. That's why we've simplified the registration process so that you have more time for the really important decisions.

Immerse yourself in the world of eBill for Business at YAPEAL. Transform your invoice management and look forward to efficient, effortless financial transactions tailored to your business.

Your company is not yet registered?

Experience financial management in a new way with eBill for Business
Welcome to a new era of business transactions with the latest feature from YAPEAL - eBill for Business. Streamline your invoicing process and enjoy the convenience of seamlessly sending and receiving digital invoices.

Simple registration
Registering for eBill for Business is now easier than ever with YAPEAL. Whether you're a sole proprietorship or an unincorporated business, our intuitive YAPEAL app and web application make the sign-up process a breeze

Your central hub for invoices
After successful registration, you can route all your electronic invoices directly into your YAPEAL account. No more fumbling between different platforms and worrying about lost invoices. YAPEAL becomes the central point of contact for all your financial transactions.

Finances, made future-proof
Prepare your business for the digital future. With eBill for Business at YAPEAL, you can optimize your financial processes and benefit from modern, efficient invoice management.

Rely on eBill for Business and steer your company confidently into an efficient and organized future.