Business phase

YAPEAL has the right solution for every business phase.

Foundation The most productive corporate account to focus on core business.

Whether you're a freelancer or a startup going through the roof, there are great benefits for everyone. Of course, SMEs also benefit from the advantages of the YAPEAL ecosystem.

  • Determine your own IBAN

  • Visa debit card(s) virtual and physical for purchases worldwide and online (incl. mobile payment)

  • Transaction overview with search and filter function

  • No hidden fees

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Growth Easy team management and intelligent expense reporting

The YAPEAL Business account grows with your company.

  • Individual expense solutions tailored to your team

  • Flexible limit management for each card and customizable in real time

  • Payment integration with ERP systems. Payments are automatically transferred to both sides of the ERP in real-time.

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M.B. from company T.

Yapeal Debit Cards has been a game-changer for our company, delivering up to 4% savings on software costs in various currencies, including USD and EUR, thanks to its best-in-class currency rates. The absence of processing fees further enhances cost efficiency, allowing us to maximize our budget without compromising on quality. Yapeal's transparent and flexible financial solutions make them an invaluable partner for any organization aiming to optimize software expenditures.


The YAPEAL product family

Business account As individual as the business idea

Simply select the right model from our subscriptions and get started. Open a business account digitally, without any paperwork.

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YAPEAL Business Card
Business card A card with many advantages

Our business card offers much more besides advantageous exchange rates and easy user management.

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Pay & Transfer The advantages of the YAPEAL ecosystem

Payments within the YAPEAL ecosystem are executed instantaneously.

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Capital account In collaboration with Hoop

As a partner of Hoop, we make sure that opening a company is even faster and without paperwork.

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Prices Our business price plans at a glance

From small to large - we have the right price plan for every business.

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Our solutions

Looking for the right solution for business?
Or a capital deposit account? A loyalty solution for the best customers?
Or interested in our Instant Payment?

Expense management We revolutionize expense management

Goodbye to tedious receipt collection and the eternal wait for reimbursement of expenses.

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Cash-Back Program Show appreciation to loyal customers

Loyal customers should be rewarded. Thanks to our cash-back program, this is a piece of cake.

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Real-Time Payment Why wait?

Whether it's expense reimbursements or payouts - thanks to YAPEAL, everything goes a little faster.

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Icon Kartenprogramm
Business Card Programm Taking your branding to the next level?

The ingenious logo is in place, the website shines with the latest technology? Now all you need is your own business debit card with all the benefits of YAPEAL and intuitive user management?

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And how does my company benefit?